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Intravenøs vitamin C: Frisk fra covid-19 og livstruende blodforgiftning

En mann alvorlig syk med covid-19 og livstruende blodforgiftning ble helt frisk etter å ha fått først 30 g vitamin C intravenøst i løpet av 30 minutter og deretter 30 g til de neste 6 ½ timene. I Norge ble overlege Vinjevoll i Volda nektet å gi vitamin C til sepsispasienter til tross for at han reddet liv!

Utdrag fra artikkelen:

A young Australian man who was critically ill with COVID-19 and suffering early stages of sepsismade a remarkable recovery after being given massive doses of vitamin C, according to his doctors.
Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, director of Intensive Care at Melbourne’s Austin Health, said the 40-year-old’s health had started to deteriorate significantly from COVID-19, with the man losing kidney function, and his blood pressure plummeting.
Sepsis — a life-threatening condition which occurs when the body damages its own organs while responding to an infection— was starting to take hold of his body and time was running out.
«We were dealing with somebody who was very unwell. We felt we were in a very difficult situation, and the patient’s life was under serious threat,» he said.

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